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1. What is the business?

This is simple one tier or x-up referral marketing member to member donation program.

2. How can I became member of this business?

You need to send 0.0015BTC 5 persons.

After verification of your payment our system create a website for you with your name. (eg:http://www.xupbtc.com/signup/manosbiz).

You will get the website information to your email along with promotion technique.

3. What is the use to became member of this website?

You will get income opportunity to earn 16.663 BTC and more in one month.

 You will get own website with lifetime membership.

 If you refer new person to this business, you will get income in your blockchain wallet.

4. Is this business is legal ?

Yes. It is 100% legal program.

This is the member to member donation program.

 You will get donation directly from your referrals.

5. Is it is money chain program?

Absolutely not.

It is a referral program.

 It is crowd funding or member to member donation program.

6. What is my work after joining?

If you are interested to refer peoples you can publish you website in facebook, whatsapp and various classifieds websites.

 You send mails to your friend about this program and ask them to join as your down line.

7. How to promote my website?

We have given few classifieds websites list.

 Many peoples are visiting this website everyday.

 If you publish your advertisement in that website, people may visit your website.

 If they interested they will join your link.

Or you can communicate your friends about this programme and ask them to join your down line.

1. Register this concept using foll. link and update your Blockchain wallet address.

2. Pay 0.0015BTC(
about Rs.200/-) to 5 Upline members total of 0.0075BTC

BTC AVAILABE FROM www.unocoin.com or www.localbitcoins.com AGAINST RUPEE PAYMENT.

3. Get your webpage with your name in 5th Position

4. Invite your friends to enroll as your downlines.

5. Earn 0.0015BTC from your direct downline and upto 4 levels

6. You can have unlimited direct downline to increase the revenue.

Bitcoin payment processor

Member to Member direct payments.

No Matrix and No MLM

Join using foll. link



Bitcoin is the most precious currency in near future.

Now 1BTC=above Rs.100000/-

 BTC available against Indian Rupees from https://localbitcoins.com or from www.unocoin.com

Welcome to the family of mycashpool.

Mycashpool is a leading and life changing peer to peer direct funding bitcoin platform,

where you can literally make millions by

just spending 0.02 BTC(ABOUT Rs.1600/-ONLY) from your pocket,

getting you financial freedom for your whole life.

Donate and Receive Donations.

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Maxximize Your Bitcoin!

Register and send Ƀ0.002(about Rs.200/-only) to your sponsor to start your journey. You can now invite others to join you.
Invite your friends to also participate and you receive monthly Bitcoin payments.
You find only 3 people. Duplicate the process. Before you know it, your success is easily achievable.

Donate and Receive Donations.

Register and join  using the following link


These are worldwide programs.

When you register , N.Manohara Kurup as your upline

will contact you through phone and help for further assistance.

Remember: Your session is only for 24 hours. Within that period if you cant pay, you may re register.

Use the above links at that time also.

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